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Process of designing a website

Stages – 

  1. Template Design
    • 2/3 template options.
    • Name Option.
    • Template approval
    • Name and hosting registration.
  1. Content Ready for approval.
  • Assortment of content.
  • Website structure layout. (tree hierarchy)
  • Layout of individual pages.
  • Gallery.
  • Links.
  • Editing.
  1. Hosting.
  • Uploading content on the net.
  • Sorting out Data base issues.
  • Testing the durability of the website.
  1. Post Hosting/ maintenance.
  • First month free maintenance.

The Work we will provide:
In order to make a comprehensive website, I feel the following aspects, with respect to the technology used are to be incorporated: 

1.     Security: The website should be of high security in order to prevent itself to be damaged by anti-social elements, who may try to manipulate the loop holes of the internet to misuse the data of the website.

2.     Access: the availability of the website is made to the whole community through marketing it on different search engines. Optimum search engine capability is essential for the accessibility of the website.

3.     Workflow and information management: the information displayed on the website must be clear, interesting and detailed so that people will know more about the services provided by your company. The website must also be updated as soon as the information is given so that the people can access the latest information as soon as possible.

4.     Cost and Time-effectiveness: The maintenance of the website is not a big issue as the latest technology will be used; therefore the updating of the content will be very prompt, hence, saving time and money.

5.     Communication tools: The website can be a good medium for the clients to interact with your company and it will encourage the exchange of information and idea through live chat, forums etc.
These are almost all the priorities that need to be addressed in determining the right kind of website system for your purpose. Our websites are scalable system with the reliability and flexibility that can meet your present needs while allowing you to seamlessly integrate extended functionality in stages as the need arises.